This tutorial is intended to introduce the basic features and tools of the VisualWorks® Smalltalk environment. A basic knowledge of the Smalltalk language is assumed.

The tutorial was developed using VisualWorks 2.0 on a Sun/Solaris platform, and it is oriented toward the use of VisualWorks in the Department of Computer Science at Clemson University. However, the use of VisualWorks on other platforms is similar.

This tutorial was greatly influenced by ParcPlace Systems' VisualWorks Tutorial. ParcPlace Systems' VisualWorks Tutorial provides a more in-depth look at the concepts covered in this tutorial as well as an overview of the process of designing a VisualWorks Application.

Tutorial Organization and Use

The tutorial is designed primarily to be used while simultaneously interacting with a VisualWorks system. The intent is that the user perform the actions that are indicated in the tutorial so that the results can be experienced and observed as progress is made through the tutorial.

Standard hypertext links are used throughout the tutorial, in the text as well as in tables of contents and in the index. This allows the reader to jump to the linked section of the tutorial directly with a mouse click, and later return using the Back option on the browser. At the end of each chapter or other section, clicking on will take you to the next chapter or other section, clicking on will take you back to the previous chapter or other section, and clicking on will take you to the Table of Contents for the tutorial.

®ParcPlace and VisualWorks are registered trademarks of ParcPlace Systems.